Chastised Male

Friday, September 08, 2006


Finally I got a solid ring for the Curve and it is at last fairly comfortable to wear. The only problem with the Curve is that it shows a lot when sitting but is OK otherwise even with fairly tight trousers. So I am wearing it all the time at home but not at work.

This morning was the first morning I did not wake up with a painful erection restrained by the device - was i lucky or am I getting used to it?!

Wife is teasing me now and the resulting erection attempts are very hard and painful. Otherwise I don't seem to be getting hard (or trying to) as much as when unlocked. We got her a g-string and bra made from candy and she is describing in detail what she wants me to do. I have to slowly eat one sweet at time before she will let me do anything. I didn't ask if I was to be locked during this or not.....

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Release at last!!

Picked up the wife early from work today. Talked about the Curve and what she thinks. She is worried it will hurt and that I will get too frustrated!! I explained that, apart from the ball sac irritation, it doen't hurt and that frustration is the whole point. She said she loves the idea but i think it will take a while to catch on.

When we got home we showered and she started to play with me. My cock got as hard as steel within seconds. She teased me a bit then made sure she was getting her pleasure. I nibbled her nipples then she told me to lick her pussy. I serviced her clitoris well, she grabbed my head, held it firm then came as I licked her. Then she decided she wanted me inside her - I quickly obliged... She told me I couldn't come which was difficult after so long but I obeyed. After her second orgasm she gave me permission to come - a few thrusts later I exploded with an intense, strong orgasm leaving me totally exhausted.

Now she wants me locked more often - I've got to sort this bloody ball sac irritation. After some long periods in the Curve it's quite painful now...

Friday, August 04, 2006

Difficult Night

Just woken up from my second all nighter while locked. First time I did it I hardly noticed any erection attempt - I think I woke briefly then slept again straight away. It was all very different last night.

I'd been locked since about 5:00pm and haven't come for 4 and a half days. I slept OK but woke at just before 5:00am with a throbbing cock desperate to maintain an erection. I concentrated hard to get rid of it but couldn't control it. After a while I got up, read a book for a bit, squirted cold water through the air vents - eventually the throbbing subsided and my cock stopped trying to force itself through the vents in the Curve.

As soon as I went back to bed the horniness returned, the throbbing started and my cock started straining. I had to get up again, cleaned the kitchen, did this blog entry and now will unlock and go to work.

Wife is asleep and oblivious to all this!! I'm still self-locking and, because it's so bulky, I'm not wearing the Curve to work yet. I'm working on slowly reducing the amount of spacers which should stop it sticking out so much. I've moved down from using all three to just using the two larger ones.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Back under lock and key

Not solved any of my comfort problems but I am back under lock and key anyway. I'm still part time but have gone 12hrs at a time now. Seems that the balls slowly get used to the hinge chafing as long as you don't go too far. Not cum since Sunday morning, it's now Thurday evening. My wife has been busy a lot so I've not been teased much - that's all going to change at the weekend I think.

I keep having fantasies about my previous female boss dressed in leather catsuit and using me as her slave while I'm locked. I never found her at all attractive at the time but after four days without orgasm everthing's turning me on!! I'll post these fantasies separately under different headings when I get more time...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Still struggling

The hinge nut is causing so much grief. I am looking for some answerss. Will try silicon sleeving...

It's too uncomfortable to wear at the moment.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Aches and Pains

Another 6 hour session today - took it off when picking the wife up again. I would have worn it through the night but for two reasons:

  • The sore behind the ball sac was too much for me. Kept putting Sudocrem on it during the 6 hours which kept it OK but eventually it had to come off... It's the hinge nut and bolt that is causing it, will have to investigate.
  • Had a painful ache at the base of the penis. This one is a bit more self-inflicted. Part of the reason for chastity was my nasty habit of masturbating while my wife was at work in the evenings. The device stops that but I still couldn't stop myself from looking up the old sites! After half an hour of painful attempted erections I finally had to stop gazing at the girls and do something else. This is a pain I will probably have to get used to I guess.
Might give it a miss tonight then go for an all nighter over the weekend. Give the sac a chance to recover.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

First day in the Curve

Started my chastity experience with a CB-3000 but found quickly it was no good for me. It was so small that the tip of my penis always poked out the end and rubbed on anything I was wearing. i couldn't wear it for any length of time. I persevered but eventually gave up and bought a Curve.

I tested it a few times and it fitted great, though it's a bit bulky. After 3 days without orgasm by will power alone, I fitted it after coming home from work. It hardly shows when you're walking around, but sticks out a bit when sitting.

I had to go out with it on in the car to the shops - it wasn't long before I started getting horny. It's hot and sunny here and the girls look gorgeous....

I kept it on for about 6 hrs then took it off before going to pick my wife up from work.

I told her about it and it made her horny too. She told me to leave it off and we had the most amazing sex with a mind blowing orgasm for me.... Defeats the point of the chastity device I know, but these are early days.

She has told me that she wants me to get comfortable in it then she takes the key off me...

Back locked again today - a little sore behind the balls though (where the hinge of the ring is).